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My name is Marsha D. Last January, I came to Aquatic Therapy of Los Alamitos with severe bursitis in my right hip. I had had four injections into the bursa and had been doing land physical therapy at another place with no improvement. I had been walking with a cane for months and was in significant pain.

I first noticed that the pool was very clean and there was no chlorine smell, because it is saltwater, and it is 91 degrees. My therapist, Peggy, guided me through a series of exercises in the pool and in about six weeks, the pain was gone and the cane was gone too! I just love that a “Graduate Program” is offered. I can continue coming to the pool and doing my exercises. It has become my gym. There were several times that I had another therapist when Peggy was not available. ALL of the therapists are knowledgeable and caring and devote undivided attention to their patients. I have also noticed that John, the owner, sets a very positive tone in his business and everyone who works there loves what they do and work very well together. I cannot express how much I love the pool and appreciate Peggy and everyone who works at Aquatic Therapy of Los Alamitos. They healed me!

I have found since I have started at Aquatic Therapy of Los Alamitos, that my balance and range of motion has improved. I fell more confident while walking and now enjoy the pool. The staff is most professional and welcoming. They assist in anyway they can. I am glad I found Aquatic Therapy of Los Alamitos. - Sharlene S

I love going to the pool. Exercising is much easier in the water. Everyone is so caring and friendly. It is a joy to go. - Susan

I love Aquatic Therapy! The indoor saltwater pool is so comfortable, and the therapist work one on one with each person implementing a therapy/workout plan designed for each individuals needs. The staff is professional and friendly, and the facility is impeccably clean. - Anonymous 

Alex is so helpful. I am improving. - John E.

It's Great! - Ginger

Love this place! The staff is super helpful and attentive to my specific PT need in and out of the water. Chad, Peggy, Martin, Jonai, Theresa and John, thank you for making me better! - WD :)

Aquatic Therapy is completely unlike traditional therapy which I've undergone several times. It is a combination of massage and exercises done in a warm salt water pool that allows you to build muscle pain free. The staff is exceptional and friendly  which makes it a welcoming environment. - Anonymous

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