Once patients are done with therapy we have a variety of options to continue exercising. We have a graduate program, and an exercise hour program. A description of each program is listed below. If you have further questions please call our office for additional information.

Graduate Program

Our graduate program offers flexible hours and days based on your schedule and our regular business hours. 

In order to be in our graduate program you must be evaluated by a therapist to ensure the ability to perform your exercises independently. 

Therapist are still available for questions, but as a graduate you will be independent in the pool. You may schedule with the therapist if you need an updated program. 

Each session is one hour and our prices are listed below depending on how many sessions you would like per week. Prices are listed per month.

If you want to come 1-2 times a week for an hour session it will be $75/month. If you would like to come in 3 times a week it will be $100/month, and 4-6 times a week is $125/month. 

Exercise Hour

Our Exercise hour program is offered 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12pm-12:50pm and costs $7 per session. It is an individualized program where every person is focused on their own exercises to help their individual needs with a therapist to guide them and ensure their safety. We allow up to 10 people in the pool during this hour. The therapist provides guidance for proper exercise technique and appropriate exercises for your individual needs. In order to participate in this program you must be screened by a therapist to ensure this program is safe for you. This screening must be scheduled during our exercise hour. The price of the screening with the exercise hour is $14. During the screening/exercise hour you will receive exercises specific for your needs.

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